Garlic Powders and Flakes

Garlic Powders: Garlic is dried and home processed to create a powder that contains no preservatives or additives. Powders can only be shipped within the State of Ohio. Large powders are available in glass jars with shaker lids and contain 3 ounces of garlic. Smaller glass jars that contain 1.5 ounce of garlic are also available.

Scape Flakes: Scapes are picked fresh and immediately processed and dried to retain their optimal flavor. Dried scape flakes make a great addition to bread dough, meat, fish fry batter, salads and soups. Shipped in glass container with shaker lid and contains 1.25 oz of dried scape flakes. For sale within the State of Ohio only.

We create custom gift baskets too! Email us at for pricing and product availability.

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